Boomerang GIFs for Sound Salon

House music parties and Boomerang GIFS

Sound Salon throws a weekly outdoor house music party during the beautiful summer months.  Every Friday night a couple of thousand people show up to dance the night away and enjoy themselves under the stars at UNO.   This past summer we produced these awesome Boomerang Burst GIF’s for the guests.  These were then shared on Facebook and Instagram to further promote the brand and their awesome club night.  If you haven’t heard about boomerang GIF’s you will soon!  The boomerang is a special type of memento that brings out the fun in everyone.

Some people take the subtle approach and make just enough movement so that you know its not a still image.  Many couples create the classic “kiss” shot.  But my favourite has to be the crazy huge group shot where everyone jumps around and generally acts crazy!  Usually so many things to look at, making you check it out a couple of times and causing you to truly laugh out loud.

Everyone loves boomerang GIF’s!

At Sound Salon everyone loved the boomerang GIFs.  There were so many shares and people kept coming back for more.  You can see the various galleries here.  With the use of a custom microsite we can further brand the experience for our client and gather valuable analytics for follow up.  All in all the boomerang gif booth is the perfect way to make a real impact on social media.

Boomerang GIF’s are a great way for your brand to stand out on social media.  Your guests will love creating them as much as they will love sharing them.  Contact us today to find out how these great new mini videos can be used successfully in your next photo activation.

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