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How to Throw a Disco Theme Party!

Themed parties are always a huge hit especially if you have guests that are willing to play along with the theme.  1970’s theme parties are always fun!  Who doesn’t love a great afro, huge moustache, sparkly everything and platform shoes!  The 1970’s were a totally groovy time when computers were born, people taped and watched videos on VCR’s and everyone was playing Atari!  The music of the day was Disco and some of the best musical artists were Donna Summer, The Village People, KC and The Sunshine Band, the Bee Gees and ABBA.  Here’s what you need to know to throw a disco theme party!

Use props to get everyone to participate

Want to ensure that everyone is looking their best and gets into the mood?  Make sure everyone is fully aware of the theme well in advance of the event so that they have time to prepare and come up with costume ideas.  You will be amazed at how many people love to impress by going all out with their costume.  Having time to order specialty items to complete their ensemble is always appreciated.

To help persuade those that may be less likely to adopt your theme, include or send out costume ideas with the invitation that are easy, with perhaps some DIY options so that last minute costumes are also possible.

Finally, supply your event with plenty of props so that guests can easily put on an afro or an oversized moustache at the venue.  One final hint – be sure to outfit the staff at the event or ask them to comply with the costume theme.

Decorate the venue

This is where the event really comes to life.  Bringing in elements that support your disco theme will help everyone to get into the theme of your event.  The disco era theme is centred around the dance floor and the ubiquitous disco ball.  No disco party is complete without a disco or mirror ball.  Get the biggest one you can.  The light show created by a disco ball will set the ambiance for the entire room.  Other venue disco prop ideas  include: dancing silhouettes, sparkly material, glitter dust, smaller disco balls, and light up dance floors.  Think Studio 54 and get your platforms on!  Guru Events pulled out all the stops on creating a fantastic disco party for their clients.

Hire some performers

Bringing in some professionals with stellar costumes to amp up the participation and make your guests feel like they are really at the disco.  Talent and performer agencies will help you to bring this together to complete your look.  Whether it be a John Travolta look a like in a white suit or roller disco performers in a sparkly unitard – performers will help break the ice at your party.  These gorgeous ladies were courtesy of Roller Hostess Malta

Add some entertainment

If you are bringing in live music try getting them to dress as the village People.  Servers should be dressed in disco theme with afros, gold short shorts, etc.  Make the event memorable with a disco themed photo booth.  A sparkly sequin backdrop coupled with fun props including: moustaches, crazy sun glasses, afro wigs, bunny ears, and sun visors.  Create a retro template for the photos and you’ve got a fantastic souvenir of the event.

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